Saturday, July 01, 2006

V's Choice Photoblogging

Since the shadow and mysterious Codename V. is here this weekend, I thought it would be fun to let her pick the pics for my I-don't-have-time-to-post-actual-thoughts photoblogging. V's comments are in quotes.

Killing time while waiting for my banana coconut frappucino. "It reminds me of old movies."

"It creeps me the fuck out because it reminds me of giant eyeballs at the foot of an Aztec pyramid."

Kim clearly made a big impression on someone... "It speaks for itself, dunnit?"

The Pittsburgh Filmmakers marquee. "It looks like a big arrow pointing at... something."


Lizzy said...

Nice choices, V.

spocko said...

I like the plates.

Hey mysterious code name V. I too was TOTALLY creeped out by the William Doll. I think I saw it advertised in Parade Magazine one Sunday next to Walter Scott. He of "I haven't heard from Billy Ray Cyrus lately? What is he up to?" His new Album is coming out tomorrow! But I digress.
William just seems soooo scary that it WOULD give little girls nightmares. Can't you just imagine it suddenly growing teeth and opening it's eyes and they are YELLOW! With CAT PUPILS! And suddenly William flings itself on to your neck!!! ARgHH!

There's only one thing wrong with William, the Davis' baby. It's ALIVE!

Did you ever see the Musical "The me nobody knows."? There is a creepy song in it called War Babies

"I saw them again last night
down by the riverside
playing in the twisted rubble.

Sleeping under a bent ironing board
Crawling out of a fresh dug grave.

I walked down by the sea and saw the little bodies floating out with the tide.

Somehow I thing William would be welcome there.

Have a great weekend, E and V
Get it? EV. Like Evey in V for Vendetta! I'm such a card.

Eli said...

Thanks, Lizzy & Spocko!

I think someone has given William entirely too much thought.

oldwhitelady said...

Wow! That middle picture is kind of freaky looking. I agree that she made some nice choices:)

Eli said...

I'm a bit disturbed by the implication that V. has seen giant eyeballs at the base of an Aztec temple *before*...

Anonymous said...

William doesn't like what you say.
William cranky. You wouldn't like William when he's cranky. William ATTACK!


karmic_jay said...

Nice pictures V