Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Brief Thoughts

1) Atrios sez: "Joe sez he won't run as a Republican."

Eli sez: Joe won't admit to being a Republican.

2) It would be damn funny if Bush's determination to make the presidency all-powerful ended up delivering said presidency to the Democrats. President Gore could really use some extraordinary powers if he's going to clean up the Republicans' mess...

3) I hope the shadowy and mysterious Codename V. has not been eaten by krill.


Elmo said...

shadowy is right, I can't even pick a fight...

HNT: ChickenHawk X-Ray

kyklops said...

I can probably make some reasonable guesses, but why doesn't Codename V have a comments section? Wasn't there an alien species named the Krill on some sf show (STtNG?)?

Eli said...

Hopefully she'll show up to answer for herself, but basically:

A) She rarely gets comments, so she didn't think it was worth bothering with.

B) She doesn't want to get sucked into arguments on her own blog.

C) She doesn't want to get caught up in the whole social reciprocity of blogging; she just wants to do her own thing and not worry about anyone else.

Eli said...

V, I apologize if I screwed any of that up...

karmic_jay said...

I am intrigued by V. I read V at times and don't leave comments. :)

karmic_jay said...

I think the goopers are scared at what a dem congress and orez can do with these powers.

Eli said...

V is terribly intriguing, all the more so for being shadowy and mysterious.

It really will be interesting to watch the Republicans all of a sudden becoming terribly concerned about good government and the value of checks & balances...

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spocko said...

the more so for being shadowy and mysterious.

I once knew a man whose last name was Krill. He never physically attacked me, but I was clearly scary.

spocko said...

opps I meant he was scary.

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