Thursday, July 06, 2006

Quote Of The Day

From John Harper's column in today's NY Daily News. This is quite... striking:
You knew things were a little tense at Shea yesterday when Pedro Martinez tried to lighten the pregame mood by donning his Yoda mask and parading around the clubhouse naked, to the howls of his teammates.
Part of me is actually trying to visualize this, and the rest of me is not happy about it.


NYMary said...



Elmo said...

Male bonding gone wild!

kyklops said...

Yeah, well, you knew there had to be a reason the Red Sox let him go. Can you imagine that kind of stunt before their historic and never to be equalled in the annals of sport history greatest comeback of all time crushing of the cursed Yankee devils who deserve all that Satan can spew their way?