Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Drawing Nearer...

Just a refresher on something I posted a couple of months ago. The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced that the Republicans are going to make an absolutely huge deal out of the fifth anniversary of 9/11 as part of their campaign strategy.

Something along the lines of, "On this day five years ago, our proud nation was attacked by cowardly evil men who hate our freedoms. President Bush had the courage and resolve to take the fight to these terrorist criminals, and pour the sweet nectar of freedom over the hornet's nest of the Middle East. The Republican Party has heeded the President's call to arms, and we stand with him proudly to keep America safe from those who seek to destroy her. This November, vote for the party that stands tall, not the party that cowers in fear, seeking only to appease those who hate us."

Okay, maybe not the nectar thing. And the reality will probably be much, much worse than I can possibly imagine, with all kinds of flag-waving and chest-thumping and tearful rhetoric about courage and sacrifice and how we cannot falter in this all-out war on Evil [with the unspoken message that we must not even let the Constitution stand in our way].

Democrats, are you ready? I recommend pointing out just how little the Republicans have actually done to make us safer. If Republicans want to play the fear card, then Democrats should do the same.

Tell the voters how wide open our ports are (and Dubai Ports World apparently still controls 22 of them).

Tell the voters how the Republicans have been resisting any legislation to harden chemical or nuclear plants, or to reroute trucks and trains with hazardous chemicals around population centers.

Tell the voters how much unsecured Soviet nuclear material is still out there.

Tell the voters about how the Taliban is making a comeback in Afghanistan.

Tell the voters about how the war in Iraq has been a recruiting and training bonanza for Islamic terrorists.

Tell the voters about how FBI resources have been wasted on false leads generated by indiscriminate wiretapping and torture.

Remind the voters that Osama is still out there, and why.

The Democrats are under no obligation to reassure the American people that everything is just fine and there's nothing to worry about. Quite the opposite.


spocko said...

I agree. Maybe reverse the ad and make it for Democrats. Instead of waiting with a defense make it offensive. It's not AFGANISTAN that was the problem it is IRAQ. Most people thought that was appropriate. "Even Nader would have invated Afganistan" someone once said.
So think about what the Democrat offensive ad would be. I'd like to see that. Showing where we part company.

Eli said...

The Democratic offensive ad would point to all the times the Democratic Party pushed for legislation to actually secure ports, plants, nukes, whatever, and got shot down by the Republicans.

Essentially point out that the Republican plan involves punching the beehive repeatedly (I'm ripping the basic metaphor off from someone, possibly Thers) while refusing to wear any protective clothing.

Actually, a commercial with a crazy beekeeper who does just that might actually bee pretty effective...

Eli said...

I also liked how Clinton recently pointed out how the Republicans lament that any security measures would be too expensive, and then turn around and push for tax cuts that absolutely dwarf the security measures.

And as far as Iraq vs. Afghanistan, I think the most effective approach would be to say that the Republicans are turning Iraq *into* Afghanistan.