Saturday, July 29, 2006

Not-So-Liberal Media

I have been insisting for quite some time now that the so-called "liberal media" is nothing of the sort - the media's corporate ownership has resulted in a consistently pro-Republican bias in both stories and narrative. Even worse, this bias has begun to spread into entertainment programming, such as Fox's popular series "24", which has legitimized both torture and the use of the word "nukular." I just looked at this fall's lineup of new shows, and the trend is clearly accelerating. See for yourself:

Everybody Loves Lee Raymond
CSI: Taxachusetts
Survivor: DC, hosted by Steve King
Big Brother

Triumph Of The Will & Grace
The (Oval) Office
Fear Factor

Extreme Makeover: Iraqi Hospital Edition
According To George
NSA's Funniest Home Videos
Hope & Faith

Family Values Guy
So You Think You Can President
Malcolm In The Middle East
King Of The Hill

Afghanistan's Next Top Model
Kill More Girls
Veronica Mars, Bitches!


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You are most unwell. And very funny.

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I am going to become a mad scientist. Then I'm going to have my henchwomen kidnap you and bring you to my secret operating theater where I will steal your perfectly evil sense of humor and graft it onto myself.