Saturday, July 22, 2006


Chris Bowers has some very intriguing CT numbers from Rasmussen, the most pro-Bush of pollsters:
Rasmussen shows Lamont with a solid 51-41 lead (currently, the poll is only available to subscribers to Rasmussen). The previous Rasmussen poll, conducted in mid-June, showed Liberman ahead 46-40.

Rasmussen has consistently shown better results for Lamont than the homegrown Q-poll. The reason, as Mystery Pollster notes, is that this race is very difficult to poll. Clearly, they are using different models for likely voters. Because this is such an unusual race, no one knows what the best model would be right now. It is possible that all polls are off.

In a three way race, Rasmussen shows Lamont and Lieberman tied at 40% each, with the Republican at 13%. It is pretty amusing to see just how hapless Republicans are in this race.
Please let Rasmussen actually be right this time...


oldwhitelady said...

Come on Mr Lamont! I'd like to see Lieberman out on his ass! He thinks he can run as a dem, but act like a rep. Uh uh. Need to, at least, have some of the party values.

Eli said...

Joe is a Democrat of convenience. He knows the D is the only way he can get elected in a blue state, but the CT voters aren't buying it so much now.