Monday, July 31, 2006

The Bitch That Is Karma

Heh heh heh...
The state Republican Party bluntly told Rep. Katherine Harris (news, bio, voting record) that she couldn't win this fall's Senate election and that the party wouldn't support her campaign, a letter obtained Monday by The Associated Press shows.

Party Chairman Carole Jean Jordan made a last-ditch attempt in the confidential May 7 letter to force Harris out of the race for the nomination to challenge Democrat Sen. Bill Nelson (news, bio, voting record). But the next day, Harris turned in paperwork to get her name on the Sept. 5 Republican primary ballot.


"Katherine, though it causes us much anguish, we have determined that your campaign faces irreparable damage," the letter said. "We feel that we have no other choice but to revoke our support."

"The polls tell us that no matter how you run this race, you will not be successful in beating Bill Nelson, who would otherwise be a vulnerable incumbent if forced to face a stronger candidate," it said.

Let us not forget that Katherine Harris was only in a position to run for Senate because of her willingness to subvert the democratic process in order to secure Florida's electoral votes for George W. Bush in 2000. And now their chance to take Bill Nelson's Senate seat has imploded spectacularly, largely because of her character issues. Wow, who could have seen that coming?

(Hat tip to Holden)


karmic_jay said...

But she still has those 2 spectacular twins..err that should open some doors ahem..

Eli said...

They can open doors? Does she have a special attachment for that?

karmic_jay said...

Well beware of mysticalpowers of silicone boobies!

Interrobang said...

This has nothing whatsoever to do with anything, and I wasn't even going to post here, except my word verification word is "buturr," and that made me laugh out loud. You guys, unfortunately, get to suffer through my not having anything useful to say because I'm easily amused.

Katherine Harris is kind of evil, and she really needs to learn how to ride horses properly. There.

Eli said...

My all-time favorite is "djduel".

Anonymous said...

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