Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Random Creatureblogging

Some interesting beasties I have encountered on my photographic travels.

You have angered The Inflatable Fish Of The End Times! Your puny lives are now forfeit!

The Ultimate Battle has just begun.

Aw, look at the happy family. I like the yellow-eyed one that's about to wander off, and the happy one in the lower right.

I suspect that this may be a dancing squirrel. Posted by Picasa


Elmo said...

That looks more like a dancing turd to me than a dancing squirrel

Eli said...

Dude, it's totally a squirrel - can't you read?

karmic_jay said...

love the pics. I better run the fish of end times is after us, me a Hindu and you being Jewish...yeaaargh!

Eli said...

I thought you were an atheist?

Anyway, probably doesn't make much difference unless that's Fishnu there.

oldwhitelady said...

I read and it looks like it says squirrel to me:)

Great photos, Eli. It looks like a fun time.