Saturday, July 08, 2006


I continue to be helplessly swept away by the Atrios/Poor Man/Sadly, No! video wars...

"I would like to read from a short prepared statement..."

Surely everyone remembers this, yes?

This might actually DQ me by being a little too cool.

Are we having fun yet?


Silleigh said...

I go out. Get home. This is STILL going on. My daughter hands over some ammo, which I gladly hand over to you. , or
the YouTube URL ending in
(dunno what long URLs do here)

If you watch this, you have to weigh in on what the hell GREENL is. And believe it or not, it gets weirder toward the end.

Now gotta watch your new ones.

Eli said...

It wants me to log in, and I refuse to create an account for some reason.

This is Yatta!, right? I've had that on my hard drive for years.

I *think* they're spelling "Green Leaves".

Eli said...

G! R! Double-E, N, Leeeeeaves!

Silleigh said...

...What, did they not have enough people to spell E-A-V-E-S??? (Yes, it's Yatta, and I need PTSD counseling now.)

I've never seen that. She also just made me watch a truly bizarre David Bowie + The Muppets thing from a movie called Labyrinth?

I hafta go... do something else. The girls made me play The Macarena and Rico Suave. All. The. Way. Through. I blame you.

Eli said...

Oh, V. *loves* that Bowie Labyrinth thing. Me... not so much.

Hell, I didn't even watch Rico Suave or Macarena all the way through. Or *shudder* Who Let The Dogs Out.

flory said...

You people are sick.

Sick. Sick. Sick.

Goddam epidemiologists are worrying about some mythological avian flu and we have a youtube epidemic under our very noses.

I'm not sure civilization will survive.

Eli said...

Atrios made me do it. I had no choice.

Lizzy said...

Are you sure Atrios made you do it or was it John Amato?

Eli said...

The power of Kos compelled me.