Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Vintage Grand Prix Photoblogging II

More fun from the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix.

Someone walked off the bus with my Treo because I'm a moron, so I won't be around during the day until it's returned or replaced. Sigh.

The interior of, um, something. All I know is that I was in the American Car section...

A Studebaker induces me to relax my "Never appear in my own photos" rule. Oh well.

One of Tucker's less well-known and less successful innovations was to graft a crude compound eye onto all of his engines. He was unable to explain what purpose this served, beyond mumbling something about "flies are cool."

In many ways, our cars are a reflection of ourselves. Posted by Picasa


karmic_jay said...

Lovely pics Eli. You excel sire. Sorry about your Treo. Hope someone is nice enough to return it.

Eli said...

Thanks, jay. I think it's gone. I caught up with the bus coming back the other way, and someone said they saw a girl pick up my phone and leave the bus with it.

Any thought that they just didn't want to leave it with the driver pretty much goes out the window, since they apparently haven't contacted either Verizon or the transit lost & found.

As long as they don't try to wreak havoc using my personal info (and there're really nothing I can do about that), I'll just suck up the hit and get another one. With a better carrying case.

karmic_jay said...

Sorry to hear that Eli. I hope they don't misuse your personal info.

Lizzy said...

I like these pictures too Eli. I hope your treo shows up. I hope you took care of cancelling everything.

Eli said...

Thanks, Lizzy.

I really don't think they're going to return it at this point. The phone's been suspended (I *think* - they didn't change my number, and that's been reactivated on my replacement phone), and I've changed all my e-mail passwords.