Monday, December 04, 2006

Monday Media Blogging

Patrick Stewart encourages a struggling actor and describes the exciting new screenplay he's working on. And I do mean exciting.

Hat tip to the shadowy and mysterious Codename V. Don't forget to vote in her Very Important Human vs. Monkey poll.


four legs good said...

Dude- I dreamed about you this weekend- we were in NYC with a bunch of Atriots and we went out to take photos.

There was a tornado involved. Freaky.

Eli said...

It means you should get a Nikon.

And before you ask, yes I am a psychiatrist.

four legs good said...

Well, no, in the dream your camera wasn't working.


Anyhoo, I always dream about tornados, I don't have a fucking clue what it means.

Eli said...

Please tell me it just broke in the tornado.

Maybe it means you'd rather be in Oz?

four legs good said...

No, it was all stretchy for some reason.

I had the feeling that it would stop being stretchy eventually.

I have no idea what the tornados mean, but I've had tornado dreams for most of my life.

Eli said...

Maybe it means you are stormy and tempestuous.