Thursday, December 07, 2006

Mostly B&W Park Photoblogging

More fun from the park.

More leaves.

Water fountain, wrapped up for the offseason. It kinda gave me the creeps, but what doesn't these days?

Playground slide.

The leaves seem to like it...


lotus said...

I just love it when you, your camera, and your eye for shapes go to the park, Eli. These are wonderful. Today, I (like that leaf) especially admire the curves of the slide.

The (implied) shape of the winterized water fountain reminds me of another shape a friend who lives in Munich just showed me. I don't have a clue how to pull it off technically or I'd share the pics she just sent me of her husband's hands holding a mug of "Feuerzangenbowle." This is something Muncheners drink only at Christmastime -- a hot spiced wine (itself called "Gluhwein"; imagine an umlaut over that u), kicked up a large notch. Gluhwein goes to town as Feuerzangenbowle when it's served in a special mug with a protruding shelflet opposite the side you drink from, on which you set aflame a rum-drenched sugar cube (the sugar then melts off the shelflet, caramelized, into your hot wine). As I hear it, one'll definitely do ya. Wowf!

(Anyhow, that's what the water-fountain suggests to me.)

Eli said...

Thanks, lotus!

To me it, um, kinda looked like it was in a body bag, but I maybe watch too much CSI...