Friday, December 15, 2006

Random Airport Treo Musings

1) "Roller sneakers": Cool, or the little-kid equivalent of a Segway?

2) The guy across from me just called his mom to get her address. Aw. I'm all choked up now - it's like a Christmas miracle.


lotus said...

I swear to you, Eli, this is a true story.

Back in the '80s, I once received a package from L.L. Bean when I wasn't expecting one. Imagine my further surprise to find that it held ONE HUGE man's sneaker with roller-skate wheels bonded to it. I called them to inquire to what did I owe this treat, but they were clueless too. Said they didn't carry roller-sneakers and in fact didn't know there was such a thing.

Smoove skies and delightful landings to you and your Treo, boyfrien'!

Eli said...


I recently saw some story on teevee about this guy who ordered some mundane thing, and ended up getting, like, a hippo skull or a hippo pelvis delivered to him, for no apparent reason.

So consider yourself lucky.

Interrobang said...

Quite a while ago now, a truck backed up to our front porch and extended a ramp out the back of it. The guys in the truck then rang the doorbell to inform us that our piano had arrived.

The catch was, we hadn't ordered a piano. They were just about as confused as we were.

ripley said...

That's really strange. I've been waiting on a piano delivery for.. mmm.. years now. I just assumed it was backordered.

I wonder if... naaaah, couldn't be!