Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Moody Prince Spamlet

Just a small excerpt from today's spam, entitled "upholstery":
It' s really hard to say as Herpes dosen't always "act" the same! It proved a serious step forward in using hydrogen as a potential energy source for cars, while showing defects that make the concept a clear work in progress.
Who knew herpes could be so useful?


HopeSpringsATurtle said...

In June when my warranty ends, I'm changing my small SUV over to hydrogen...

Eli said...

You could call it Herpie The Love Bug!

The Kenosha Kid said...

I am tagging you with a "meme."

jenny from the blog said...

My list posted at TKK's place:

Kevin Federline
Anna Nicole Smith
Ashlee Simpson
Kate Moss
Kate Moss's Junkie Boyfriend
The Olson Twins
Jeremy Piven
Kelly Osborne's Brother
Mickey Rourke (plastic surgery mishap)
Teri Hatcher (Just because she's so annoying)