Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Eli's Obsession With The Google

#1 search result for PIMP CLOWN.

Only search result for "that's a fluffy dog".


Sanjay said...

You Da Man!

Kai said...

The Google and its tubes are deep and mysterious.

Eli said...

Well, maybe not that mysterious. I *did* post pictures of a pimp clown (from the most excellently ridiculous B-movie Blood Dolls), and a very fluffy dog.

Not at the same time.

spocko said...

Number Two for Morally Repugnant!

Number one on using Google search!

(Referring to Brian Sussman, not to me!)

Can you imagine his poor children being taunted in school?

'Oh yeah? Well when you look up Morally Repugnant on the Web, your Dad is the first listing!"
"I know."

Eli said...

No matter how morally repugnant you are, there's *always* room for improvement.