Saturday, December 16, 2006

Travel Photoblogging

Some photos from my travel day yesterday. Unfortunately, I hosed up the color balance on my camera, so I shot everything on a fluorescent light setting. It's fixed now, and I may have to go back and re-process some of the cloud pics now that I know what happened.

From the plane. Note the Spooky Cloud Angel, and is that a Spooky Cloud Kid next to her?

I'm going to reprocess some of the pictures I took from the plane and see if they come out any better.

The Charlotte Airport. I processed this before I identified the color balance problem, but the color version is actually kind of cool, in a blue kind of way. It still works better in B&W, though.

The Charlotte Airport again. This was the point at which I took corrective action on the color balance...

Charlotte is one of those airports with strategically placed rocking chairs, I guess to make people feel more at ease. I think Philly does as well.


watertiger said...

Love the rocking chair shot.

nice study of contrast and shadows.

lotus said...

Amen, watertiger. Boy's got an eye on him, don't he?

Mazel tov, Eli!

Eli said...

Thanks! I had a coupla more, from closer in; might post those too at some point.

shoephone said...

But Lotus, "Mazel Tov" was supposed to be my line!

Okay: Happy Hanukkah, Eli. May I offer you a dreidl? (I made it out of clay - really.)

I love your photos. You really have a good eye for light and composition.

Eli said...

Thanks, shoe! Happy Hanukkadays to you, too!