Sunday, December 10, 2006

More Iraqnophobia

Just a couple of brief items on Everyone's Favorite Quagtastrophe:

1) BushCo apparently feels somehow vindicated because no-one else can figure out how to fix Iraq either. I wholeheartedly support Atrios's conclusion.

2) If, dare I hope, a Democrat gets elected president almost-next year, will Bush do something reckless and crazy at the end of his term to ensure that his successor inherits the most disastrous no-win situation possible? Were it almost any other president, I wouldn't even consider such a thing, but there seems to be no limit to Dubya's narcissistic petulance, or his indifference to the common good.

NOTE: This scenario does not necessarily have to be Iraq-specific. It could just as easily be, say, some sort of disastrous covert military op in Iran or North Korea.

1 comment:

belledame222 said...

No, I think Bush will do his damnedest to just make sure the whole stinking mess is his successor's problem, no matter who it is, by, well, contuining exactly as he's been doing. basically he's just marking time at this point.