Saturday, December 09, 2006

Finally, An Exit Strategy!

According to Josh Marshall (hat tip to lotus):
Okay, these are fairly round numbers. But they give us at least a broad view of the problem. According a recent UN report, approximately 100,000 Iraqis per month are leaving the country. And an average of 2,000 per day across are streaming out into Syria (the rest appear to be leaving through Jordan, approximately 1,000 per day according to this Brookings report). Bear in mind that Iraq is a country of just under 27 million people. So in demographic terms, that amounts to something like arterial bleeding.
In a related story, President George W. Bush called a press conference this evening and announced:
After much discussion and prayer, this administration has decided to adopt a modified version of the Baker-Hamilton Commission's recommendations for troop withdrawal. The Bush-Cheney Withdraw-To-Win Plan will call for the removal of all American combat personnel not essential to oil production in, uh, 27 million divided by 100,000 months. We will strive to accelerate this timeframe further by arming all patrol vehicles with "bunker-buster" speakers and copies of Kevin Federline's "Playing With Fire" CD. Victory is mine!
At long last, prevailure is within reach.


charley said...

prevailure, rhymes with failure.

you are very snide.

Eli said...

I don't know if you saw it, but there was a very bizarre quote from him yesterday in which he used the word "prevail" over and over and over again. It was very strange, and prompted me to make a "miserable prevailure" joke.