Thursday, December 28, 2006

Leafy Photoblogging

I'm just about to head out to take some NYC pics, so here are some very not-NYC pics in the meantime:

I liked the stark lighting on these.

I liked the funky shadow.

More holly, looking very geometrical.

Mmm, backlighting... Posted by Picasa


Sanjay said...

Nice pics man! You heading out to NYC for the Atriot dinner?

Eli said...


*Maybe* - I might be having dinner with my sis.

Sanjay said...

Ok, if you do decide to come shall see you there.

charley said...

hey, i have a post up about switzerland too.

and frogs and liars.

the machiavellian monkey. which is not quite the same thing as the idiot chimp, but maybe close enuf.

we're all in the stickers on this score.

flory said...

For someone who doesn't do nature photography, those were damn good nature photos.

I especially like the last one.

Eli said...

Thanks, flory!

Cool article, charley! Maybe Dubya seems like such an idiot because all his brainpower is being occupied by lying.

Ol' Froth said...

Play that funky shadow white boy!

spork_incident said...

Oh boy...

Not your best work.

(Yes, I'm a jerk.)


Eli said...

Yeswell. I tend to agree; like I said, nature is really not my strong suit.

On the plus side, I took about 525 NYC shots yesterday (I found the Department Of Sanitation! Awesome!), and I'm going out again today.