Friday, December 22, 2006


I just got this Very Exciting E-Mail from "Production", entitled "together Anyway know some":

Expression dude walking, second think hes, grown inches passed.

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Online services wrap files.

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Extra definitely probably id knock nooooooo problem better. Metacritic mpcom, tvcom email, password login, signup free.

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Assumes material note updates frequently. Denying statement dogged doubt. Gregg jen gotta heart. Features videos photos players, charts podcasts forums hiphop? Forums hiphop alt indie metal rampb, soul urban electro.

Battle tarantinos funny jonesquot. Fully loaded pines leading project being!

Low, cut dress, showed off awesome cleavage! Included fresh total sort tmetersort byyear nashrek nanorbit nasaturday. Jerry caught down blouse. Action vampire, brooklyn beverly?

Learning spanish program oldlyon resides encino birth.

Beckinsale moss winslet katharine mcphee, kellie pickler kelly.
God, I love this stuff. I wonder who would win in a fight between the Action Vampire and the Battle Tarantinos.


Donna said...

I wonder what the purpose is of that kind of spam? I get alot of it and don't bother reading it but have on occasion. Why would a bunch of random words put together be worth sending to anyone?

Eli said...

I think it's to make it less recognizable as spam to anti-spam filters. *Usually* there's some actual spam content in there (this one had some bogus stock tip), but apparently they sometimes forget to include any.

Also, sometimes I've noticed that the text I see in the Outlook preview is completely different (and usually much more entertaining) than the text of the actual message.