Friday, December 29, 2006

More Spamlet

Yeah, everyone on the planet is probably getting the same spams as I am, and wondering why the hell I keep posting the damn things on my blog, but just in case you're not... I give you "round range", by Bryan Graham:
Furthermore, a mortician hesitates, and a grain of sand is a big fan of the bartender toward the senator.
Another fried football team graduates from the load bearing mortician.
Suddenly I want to be a mortician.

Possibly even a load-bearing one.


charley said...

Thought is your enemy.

Death is your only freind. J.Krishnamurti

Eli said...

What about loadbearing death?

charley said...

What about loadbearing death?

what about loadbearing thought?

i like the spam, it's not so different than the stream of consciousness poets i'm so fond of. altho it usually seems somehow malevolent.

op99 said...

This spam reminds me of the Shroud of Turin - you can always read something into it.