Sunday, December 03, 2006


Giants continue to be stupid and bad.

On the plus side, unless they run the table to finish 10-6 and in the playoffs, it should pretty well guarantee that we've seen the last of Coughlin and Hufnagel, who have done an absolutely awful job this year. Injuries are no excuse; they've been losing these games on stupidity, and that points squarely at the coaching staff.

Also on the plus side, Eli, Tiki, Jacobs, and Shockey were all pretty solid, and Sinorice Moss actually played(!). Everyone else was pretty damned awful.


Elmo said...

Well, it was a damn good game. But the Giants won the turnover and time of possession battles, and still lost. We tried to give them the game but they wouldn't take it. And what was with not letting more time run off the clock before their last TD? Bad, bad, bad coaching is right.

Eli said...

Apparently Plax called that one on his own; he thought Coughlin was signalling for it.

I don't think it had any effect on the outcome - the Giants would not be denied another loss.