Monday, December 11, 2006

Monday Media Blogging

Way back when, during (IIRC) the very first season of Liquid Television on MTV, I caught the very tail end of a very intense and spooky cartoon, which was set in a dystopian future and involved some kind of insane race around a vertical track. I was impressed and fascinated, and waited in vain for this cartoon to re-air, or resurface in an MTV compilation, but it never did, and I was never able to find out anything about it.

Until recently, when I took a shot in the dark on YouTube, and lo & behold, there it was. It's called "The Running Man," and it can also be found as part of a 1987 anime compilation called Neo-Tokyo (which also appears to have a version of Heart Of Darkness/Apocalypse Now, but with robots).

Judge for yourself whether or not I was easily impressed back in the day (it's in two parts, because it was about a minute over YouTube's 10-minute limit):


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