Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Meet The Overseer

"Hatred, if directed properly, is a powerful tool.... [It] makes the people docile and unimaginative."

- On Supremacy, Chapter XV

Okay, so, I think I'm close enough to the end of my book now to describe it fairly accurately. It's The Overseer, by Jonathan Rabb, and my mother sent it to me because it scared the bejesus out of her (not that she had a whole lot of bejesus to begin with). The basic premise is that a Swiss monk, a contemporary of Machiavelli, wrote a treatise called On Supremacy that made The Prince look like one of those books that tells you which fork to use with your salad. It has fallen into the hands of a Shadowy Republican Cabal, and they're using it as a roadmap to take over absolute power of the United States.

Essentially, the way the On Supremacy gameplan works is, there are three spheres: Financial, Educational, and Political, each with its own leader. They are independent of each other, but they are all controlled and coordinated by an "overseer", who is the only one with the big picture. The takeover itself is to be executed via a series of rapid-fire catastrophes, terrorist attacks, assassinations, and financial crises, using brainwashed operatives created by the educational sphere. The attacks will expose the country's weakness and decadence, and allow the Shadowy Republican Cabal with its firm steady hand and unerring moral compass to take absolute control. For our own good, of course.

What makes the book scary is that it was written in 1998.

I realized there were too many juicy and alarmingly apt quotes from the book to weigh down a single post with, so I will be posting additional ones here and there as the mood strikes, and possibly some more tidbits about the book.


oldwhitelady said...

Oooh. That sounds like an interesting read! Yes, do share quotes from it. It's always fun to read those.

What are bejesuses?

Eli said...

Hell, if I know, but it's a great word, and my mom is somewhere between Jewish and Buddhist, hence the shortage of bejuses.

Eli said...

Need an extra comma?

Anonymous said...

This is pretty remarkable.Coincedence?

Lets hope so.

watertiger said...

i like your mom.

by the way, Derogation G. Khaki sends his regards.

Eli said...

I like my mom too.

And stop that!

*shake fist at ineffectually and glare at*

("bejuses"? WTH did *that* come from???)

Comandante AgĂ­ said...

Machiavelli is still alive today. His name is Karl Rove.

ellroon said...

Karl Rove is just pond scum in comparison to Machiavelli. Dangerous pond scum: he still stinks and signals toxic imbalances. Machiavelli was actually intelligent, not just feral and clever like Karl.