Thursday, June 16, 2005

Talking Downing

The Big Brass Alliance bloggers are probably all over this already, but if you haven't read WaPo's online chat with Michael Smith, the Sunday Times reporter who's been covering all the Damning Downing Documents, you should do so right away.

He has all kinds of interesting tidbits, like his belief that there's more out there that could ultimately create a public outcry for impeachment, the fact that he's a Conservative- voting ex-soldier who initially supported the war, and that the Geneva Convention obligates an occupier to stay until the occupied country can stand on its own (how quaint!).

He also agrees with me that all the impeachment talk is probably counterproductive right now, and makes Democrats look, well, a lot like Republicans did in '98.

Go! Read! Now!


The Heretik said...

Way to jump in, E. How goes the hitting?

Eli said...

Heh. My pleasure.

13 for my last 14! I switched to a longer, heavier bat for my last coupla at-bats, and hit a laser ground-rule double. I think I might be ripe for a power surge.