Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Wednesday Softball Blogging

Well, I have managed to wrangle my way into a Wednesday night softball game by way of one of the Sunday softballers (thanks, Anders!). They're a slightly older crowd, but very good players, and a pleasantly loose, friendly atmosphere. I had a great line-drive batting practice, but it didn't translate well to the actual game, where I went 5-10 with two runs and a double, including a line shot right at somebody. Was pretty decent in the outfield with some nice running catches, but got burned a few times by balls that got over me or past me (very deep leftfield). Weirdest play was a shallow fly ball I couldn't quite get to, that bounced off my knee... right to second base for a forceout. They don't keep score, so I'm not entirely sure who won.

No pictures for now, since I don't really know anyone yet.

Current Stats: 14 games, .583 BA (56-96), 9 2B, 29 runs, 15 RBI.

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