Thursday, June 09, 2005

A Picture's Worth... About Four Words.

I. Need. A. Haircut. Posted by Hello


Silleigh said...

Looks good from here. BTW, just have to say: That Roy Orbison Wrapped In Clingfilm thing is fookin' hilarious (at least at 3 in the morning).

Haven't had much time to noodle through blogs lately, so it coulda been linked there for a year for all I know.

Eli said...

The clingfilm is fairly new to the blogroll. I've known about it for quite a while, but it only occurred to me to link it a week or two ago.

"That is a well-groomed terrapin."

watertiger said...

Dude! That's an afro you got going there!


watertiger said...

You. Need. A. Strawberry. Rhubarb. Pie.

Just sayin.