Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Quickie Photo Break

Took a quick break this afternoon to try to wake myself up, and figured I might as well take my camera along...

Yet another one of them orangey flower thingies what some people are saying are hibisciruses.

I think I have a dry winter picture of this fountain around somewhere; not sure if I ever posted it here or not. Posted by Hello

There was another picture I really wanted, but just didn't work out - there was a very corporate looking guy in a green jacket, who sat down on one of the benches and just looked completely zen and blissed out looking at the fountain. I tried taking a picture of him through a gap in the fountain and the water, but there was just too much spray to get a good shot.

Oh well. People photography and me really don't mix.

1 comment:

oldwhitelady said...

Nice photos. I do like the hibiscus blossom. The water looks great, too.