Sunday, June 12, 2005

Sunday Softball Blogging

Another good day at the plate - 6 for 7 with 5 runs, and a laser RBI ground-rule double to the left-center gap, and my team won 10-5 (I think). A little mixed in the outfield - I was really sharp on fly balls again, but pretty crappy at cutting off anything on the ground.

I've switched to a heavier bat (which I hit the double with) because I'm starting to have doubts about the structural integrity of my regular bat, which seems to have no sweet spot lately - it makes kind of a clanky sound, and the ball doesn't seem to travel real well. It's not just me that it does this with, either.

Current Stats: 11 games, .592 BA (42-71), 8 2B, 23 runs, 14 RBI.

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ntodd said...

I've switched to a heavier bat

Oh, what do you hit with? We used to play double-headers and I'd start with a 33 or 33 to slow down my swing so I'd hit the gap between first and second (I could generally beat out the throw), then 2nd game I'd go to a 25 so I'd snap things over the SS' glove (and sometimes get a double).

I bagged this season, tho, because softball always interfered with biking. 'course, I haven't gotten my ass in the saddle yet, so maybe there's something else going on...

ntodd said...

33 or 34. 33 or 33 sounds like I'm a 45 who's had too much to drink.

Eli said...

It's a 34, IIRC. It's actually my own bat, but I find it kinda long and unwieldy and hard to get around with (hmm...). But after playing a few games, I guess my swing becomes more omnivorous.

I don't really need to do anything with my choice of bat to hit the ball all over the place - not by design, I honestly have no idea where it's going. And almost everything is ground balls and line drives. So, no home runs (maybe 3 or 4 last season), and not many fly outs.

oldwhitelady said...

Bats are good things to have. Moonbats are good people to know.