Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Vicarious Spamblogging

I haven't done any spam blogging in a while, although I do have some samples in cold storage. But one of my coworkers was kind enough to share some of his spam with me, and it's a doozy.

Subject: Re: 25 mg did the tricck

Preview text:
Hello, Myself, I have the honour to be Irish, sir. My name is Bloodhis lordship's, and stood squarely before him. The medical skill of Bridgetown was summoned to their aid. PeterEngland? Oh, and there's more to it than that, even. D'ye thinknegroes,...
What? What??? Do I think Negroes what? Dude, don't leave me hanging like that! And what kind of name is "Bloodhis lordship's"? Is that really Irish? Oh well, I'm sure it'll be continued in the main e-mail itself, and all will be made clear. Let's just see here...
Hello, do final details of which all that need concern us is an understandingyou want to spend Iess on your meddications? Our new great ofwith suddenly lengthened stride.fer - Saparticularly as whilst they discussed and fumed and cursed two moreve over 75% with PhAnd then, from out of this uncouth pack of savages that beset them,armacyByMail Shop Vlrock-bound harbour. He roared out the question in his mind.AGRA ClALlleave to ask your lordship (his brogue became more marked than ever)S VALlrains being newly ended.UM LEVlTRrebels-convict, his eyes considering them, his lips pursed. BeforeA and many other.
With each purrchase you gtowards it, I confess; and you've shown your quality in doing it.et:
TopNow don't be rash. My men are within their rights, as you are quaIity Best priceeven as his fingers closed upon the hilt, the other's closed upons Total conturned to say good-bye to Miss Bishop, who was already mounted. HefidentiaIity Home deIiveropportunity of doing so.y
P.S. Try us and you will not be disappointednecessary to bribe a gang of scoundrels to depart from obedience!
Hmm... Did you notice the overwrought period novel subliminally hidden in the words "PharmacyByMail", "VIAGRA", "CIALIS", "VALIUM", and "LEVITRA"? It's pretty subtle, so I have cunningly used italics to make it easier to spot.

I need to start working "you will not be disappointednecessary to bribe a gang of scoundrels to depart from obedience!" into my everyday conversation...

Cue watertiger to taunt me with goofy spam names. I shake my fist pre-emptively at your aunties.


watertiger said...

Hah! Instead I taunt you with strawberries and rhubarb!


Although Astrological M. Muffling sends his birthday greetings.

Eli said...


Our cafeteria sometimes has "fruits of the forest" pie with trace amounts of rhubarb, but it's just not the same...