Friday, June 10, 2005

Friday Quote Blogging

"They switch you off when life is good, and switch you back on when they're up to their noses in life's bitter droppings."

From a supercheesy Grade Z sci-fi movie called Forbidden World, whose only claim to fame that I can recall is that the cast featured June Chadwick (the girlfriend from Hell in This Is Spinal Tap), and Fox Harris (the crazy Malibu driver in Repo Man). The character speaking is some kind of troubleshooter who has been sent to stop the rampaging creature that's killing everybody, and which he calls a "dingwopper" a few times.

UPDATE: I just remembered - I don't think the quote is the troubleshooter waxing metaphorical; I think there was actually a cranky robot in this movie, so the quote is meant literally. Well, except for the noses and the bitter droppings.

No cats in the movie, so I provide one here:

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Eek in a basket!


Robster said...

Eli, Eek was so cute!

I have to try to catch Bobbie in our clothes hamper. She sleeps there every night.

damned at random said...

love torties. What a beauty. Is she psycho?

oldwhitelady said...

Aw! Cute Eek.

Eli said...

No, Eek was a very very sweet cat. Now, my girlfriend's tortie, on the other hand...