Friday, June 17, 2005

Friday Quote Blogging

"Mankind is just a component of the device which creates the devil."

- Naked, which features a tour-de-force performance by David Thewlis as an over-intelligent and cold-blooded drifter. He gave me the impression of someone impatiently channel-surfing through life.

Oh, look! A cat!

Mom's friend's cat, Sweet Pea. And a box. Posted by Hello


watertiger said...


(because i'm feeling fairly inarticulate at the moment)

Charlotte Smith said...

Nothing cuter than a cat in a box. Nothing. 'Cept you, Eli. In a box. With a cat. :)

Eli said...

Hee. I think.

Actually, cats in baskets are cuter. And *possibly* cats in bags.

scout prime said...

A Very Pretty Cat!

oldwhitelady said...

Adorable! That kitty is just plain sweet. It does look like it might have a nasty dispostion now and again. I remember my beautiful Mogwei. He was the same type of kitty. My neices brats came running into my house. The first one kind of roughed him up, the second one came in and petted him. I guess he thought the second was the first and slashed him. Oooh.. poor baby.
Shit! Not sure if I spelled Neices right. Had a rum and coke and boy! that was some good stuff, but the typing is not good.

Anonymous said...

awwww...a kitty with red eyes!

--her eyes

Anonymous said...

You should post that pic to with all of the other cats in bags