Friday, June 24, 2005

Friday Quote Blogging

"You’re old and you’re getting foolish and you’ve made a mistake. It’s me you should have hung. Because now I hate you in a way I didn’t know a human could hate. Take a good long look at me, T.C. You won’t see me again until the day I take your world away from you."

- Spoken by Barbara Stanwyck's character in The Furies to her father, who has just lynched her boyfriend. Needless to say, she dedicates herself to doing just exactly what she says. Possibly the most beautifully impassioned, furious rant I've seen in any movie.

Sorry, no cats this week - I'm still trying to get the new laptop sorted.


watertiger said...

Nobody could deliver a line like that the way Stanwyck could.

She was the thinking, independent woman's hero.

oldwhitelady said...

Excuses excuses... where are the cats at?

Eh, also... what watertiger said.