Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Ooo, Good Question!

Letter to the NYT about Krugman's national healthcare column:

I find Paul Krugman's column disturbing. If 72 percent of Americans want a national health insurance program but insurance companies have the power to override that majority, what does that say about the health of our democracy?

I wish that question applied only to healthcare, but it seems like it applies to, well, pretty much everything these days.


oldwhitelady said...

It doesn't say much for the health of democracy! It says a lot for the health of the insurance companies, though. They don't want it, they are the fat cats, they get what they want. To hell with the public.

Eli said...

Not just the insurance companies, although that's the example on display here. But there are all kinds of corporate and special interests who have a much greater say than any of us - remember bankruptcy and tort "reform"? Or how the Medicare bill didn't allow the government to seek discounts from the pharma companies?