Wednesday, June 22, 2005

A Mobile Proposal

"'Bush gets very upset when cell phones go off in his presence,' McFeatters noted. 'He just hates it.'"

Okay, so. Given a hatred of cellphones that rivals my own, and a peevish and petulant nature beneath a thin veneer of phony bonhomie, maybe we should be trying to sneak "ringers" of a completely different nature into Bush's public appearances. No confrontational questions or dramatic gestures, just a few ringing cellphones at every event (especially televised ones), and perhaps we can get the mask to slip a few times.

This would probably only work directly a few times before his handlers wised up, but even so, the sure-to-be-disproportionately-harsh treatment of the initial offenders (i.e., hustled roughly away by Secret Service or Fake Secret Service, or physically attacked by Bush loyalists) and subsequent body cavity searches for cellphones would be pure PR gold.

Granted, this would have been much better as a pre-election strategy, but even now, I still think there's a huge benefit to exposing him for the snarly creep that he is: it would further weaken his ability to push his agenda; it would generally diminish the public's appetite for more Bushes in the White House; and it might help tarnish the Reagan halo he's being fitted for.

It sure would be nice to see the obnoxiousness of cellphones being used for good for a change. And if it backfires, maybe inconsiderate public cellphone use will be caught up in the backlash, which would be a good thing in its own right.


scout prime said...

Anything that annoys Boosh is GREAT!!!

oldwhitelady said...

I have to agree with scout prime. I do like the idea of sneaking ringers in where ever he's public speaking. That would be marvelous.

Ol' Froth said...

Oh I like it!!

charley said...

and a peevish and petulant nature beneath a thin veneer of phony

up to this point i thought you were describing bush.