Thursday, June 02, 2005

Every Time! Every Single Time!!!

"Hey, this dude's kinda hot. If only he had less hair."

Without fail, every time Bush appoints someone, he has this creepy expression on his face, sort of possessive and speculative and... well, I don't really know. I can't quite classify it, but I hope I never see anyone looking at me like that.


ellroon said...

You are right! I've noticed that. His eyes are dark, shifty, and furtive. The look is so creepy, like he's got sex videos of them and they don't know it yet.

Spear and Magic said...

I've noticed it, too. But to me that look has all of the apprehension of someone who has brought a friend to a dinner party, a guest who he's afraid will embarrass him at any moment.

In short, I think the look is more like the appointees got the job because they have tapes of him, say, snorting coke off his dad's misstress's lap or falling off a bike or something.

A candidate caption: "Why does everybody I appoint have to go right out in public and mispronounce "NEW-kew-lar" as "new-CLEE-ar?"

oldwhitelady said...

Oh. my. goddess! He is looking at him like he's fantasizing them both without their clothes on.