Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Why The Nork Nukes Are Clinton's Fault

McCain is right, but for the wrong reason. You see, one of Bush's core policy imperatives is to always do the opposite of whatever Clinton did. So by implementing a modestly successful agreement with North Korea, Clinton all but guaranteed the situation we have today.

Now, if only he had had the vision to close out his term by ignoring al Qaeda, telling Israel and Palestine to work things out for themselves, talking wistfully about invading Iraq to spread democracy, slashing taxes for the rich, rolling back environmental protections... well, you get the idea.


Sanjay said...

Oh haven't they said he was too busy with Monica to deal with Nork?(loved the word by the way)

I mean the time line might not fit but this ain't about facts is it?

Eli said...

Maybe they'll say 1998 was when it started to fall apart.

And I wish I could take credit for "norks", but it's not mine, nor would I have ever thought of it...