Sunday, October 29, 2006

What Color Is The Sky On Bobo's World?

Because I am unwilling to pay $50 a year for the privilege of reading David Brooks' drivel, all I have to go by is the title and the blurb for his latest column:

Political Theater and the Real Rick Santorum

After Election Day, the underprivileged will probably have lost one of their least cuddly but most effective champions.



sdf (Stu) said...

As you say, you really don't need to read any more than that.

A (pre-)post-mortem rehabilitation of Ricky. Who knew!

Eli said...

I have to admit to being morbidly curious as to how *anyone* could portray Santorum as a champion of the downtrodden.

NYMary said...

I asked this question yesterday at the Crack Den and no one could tell me upon what basis Bobo makes this peculiar claim. And the Firewall Fairies were all too busy with Frank Rich. It's bound to be some pretty limber reasoning, though!