Saturday, October 28, 2006

"I Like To Hit People."

Go, Holley!
Nick Mangold, a 6-foot-4, 300-pound rookie starting center for the Jets, is not the only football player in his family. His 16-year-old sister, Holley, a backup on the offensive line at Archbishop Alter High School, played on special teams Friday night during the Knights’ 33-15 victory against their archrival, Chaminade-Julienne.

Ed Domsitz, the high school coach of both Mangolds, said, “Holley might be a tad meaner.”

Mr. Domsitz said her size, technique and tenacity had allowed Holley to compete at this level. She is on track to earn a varsity letter in football as a junior this year. “She’s an in-your-face, knock-you-on-your-tail offensive lineman,” Mr. Domsitz said.

Holley’s father, Vern Mangold, said she was the state’s first high school girl to play a down from scrimmage. At 5-9 and 310 pounds, she is an imposing presence on a team with only a couple of other players that size.

Off the field, Holley carries herself with the aplomb of a runway model. She strolled into the school secretary’s office for an interview after a gym class this week, wearing brown sweat pants and a black collared Alter High shirt, with her shoulder-length blond hair in a ponytail. Her fingernail polish was burgundy.


Holley has tried 11 sports, by her count, including swimming, softball and roller skating. Only football has held her passion. “I like to hit people,” she said.
Awesome. I'm totally rooting for her.

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