Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Cancer On The Congress Is Metastasizing...

From the New York State Democratic Committee, via Atrios:
Rep. Reynolds' NRCC received $100,000 from disgraced Rep. Foley in July, after he learned about Foley's inappropriate emails with minors

As reported yesterday, Reynolds declined to report the inappropriate emails to authorities or act on them -- now we may know why

During the same period Rep. Tom Reynolds was keeping Mark Foley's inappropriate emails with minors secret, his campaign committee coffers received a $100,000 donation from Foley, it was revealed today. Reynolds has come under fire for knowing about the inappropriate emails for many months and covering it up to protect his colleague who has since been forced to resign.
One more Republican who is now toast, and the head of their House campaign committee, no less.

The Republicans truly are the party of immorality, corruption, and coverups. And of putting their own well-being ahead of the American people's.


charley said...

man, i came over to get away from all the sordid dirt and see some pics.

well, i guess dirt is pervasive.

nice black and whites.

Eli said...

I have some nice demolition pics in the pipeline...

Glad you liked the Charlotte stuff.