Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Multi Medium Scoops The World!!!

I called in some favors, because I am A Very Influential Man with Top Secret Highly Placed Sources, and I am proud to present to you this exclusive photograph of Congressman Jerry Weller (R-Illin') with his secret page girlfriend.

Um, assuming there is one, of course (nothing's confirmed yet)...

And if there is - how long did Hastert know about her?


charley said...

so, the plot thickens.

sadly, i could care less about these silly sex scandals.

fortunately, repukes do.

i've seen that page before, some creepy commentary on the congresscritter in question.

charley said...

by page, i of course meant the crappy album covers page.

but what's the difference.

Eli said...

Hey, whatever works. The social conservatives don't give a shit about the Constitution, but some of them do care about moral values, and this is helping a few of them "get" that Republicans don't actually have any.