Monday, October 02, 2006

Stoopit Blogger.

Argh. Blogger's been acting funky, and ultimately ended up double-posting my latest Foley post. I can't delete from my Treo, so all I can do is edit one of the extra posts into a brief soliloquy about how much Blogger sucks.

*clears throat dramatically*

Blogger sucks.

Thank you.

On the plus side, my blog is the #2 search result for "hot scientist." Hooray!


spocko said...

I just wrote a post SO BRILLIANT that the MacArthur Foundation was planning to contact me and award me a Genius grant.
But Blogger ate it. And it took so long to write it and I don't think I'll every have that recall again. Oh nooooo!

Thanks Blogger!

spocko said...

I wrote a post so funny that the bloggers software engineers knew 39,000 people would die from hilarity hemorrhoids after they read it. So they yanked blogger.

It's my fault, sorry.

Sanjay said...

You are teh hot scientist?

Eli said...

Spocko, did you know Harris would sing that at his kid as punishment? But only if it wasn't raining - if it was raining he'd song something else, and it just wasn't the same.

Jay - Whatever gets you through the night, dude.

oldwhitelady said...

Poor Spocko! How irritating that he can't get that Genius grant, afterall. Damn Blogger!!!

Jeez, my blog gets found when people google old lady or some such... and not even "hot old lady"! How cool to be found while searching for "hot scientist". I am impressed!