Tuesday, October 03, 2006

For The Atriots

This item from the NY Daily News' Lowdown column on Mark Foley"s greatest hits probably won't mean much to anyone who doesn't frequent the comments at Eschaton, but those who do should be pretty tickled (but in a totally appropriate way):
o On "Good Morning America," June 24: "In fact, they've coined an expression for people that visit these parts, they call them COGS, Creepy Old Guys. ... It's in [the children's] most formative years. I think they'd be better off at Girl Scout camp, Boy Scout camp or sports camp than a nudist camp."

And all this time I thought it just meant a tiny mindless piece of a great big machine...

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Sanjay said...

So thats the genesis of the troll COG? Why am I not surprised ;)