Sunday, June 11, 2006

Botanical Photoblogging

The Photo Odyssey continues, with a paltry semblance of Nature.

How leaves sleep.

(I particularly like this one because it feels like I'm sharing something secret and intimate, even though it's really just a leaf sitting on another leaf, partially hidden by a third leaf. Maybe it's the whole kinky interspecies thing: Garden Fever!)

A rose is a rose is a photo.

(At least, I think it's a rose. I'm... botanically challenged.)

A more bashful rose, or roselike thingy.

I'm sorry, the lawn officer has just stepped out. Please take a seat and he will be with you momentarily.


karmic_jay said...

What lens are you using for these pics? They are amazing!

Eli said...

Thanks, jay! It's a Nikon 18-200mm zoom with vibration reduction.xr

spork_incident said...

I think Round-Up™ will take care of those unwanted office chairs. Try Home Depot or Lowe's.