Friday, September 09, 2005

Spam O' The Day

It's been a while since I posted any Random Spam Weirdness, partly because I haven't gotten much lately, and partly because Certain People always rub my nose in how much cooler their spammers' names are.

But I just couldn't resist this line, nominally from an eBay "Urgent Security Notice For All Clients":

"Here's your Textbooks I'll give you... Ralph Nader Computers"

It's brilliant, really - who wouldn't want a Ralph Nader Computer? Or Textbooks from Ralph Nader Computers? I'm a little hazy on which it would be, but both possibilities are terribly intriguing.


watertiger said...

Strain J. Catamaran
Vulgarized B. Joshes
Parallelogram A. Twining
Caulk O. Gulag
Gestating G. Recuperated
Ova P. Tinsels (my personal fave)
Deprecate H. Feels
Riverside O. Rowers
Underpass S. Corrugations
Loch O. Immobilize
Infuriates E. Verified
Nervous C. Complaining

Eli said...

I hate you.

watertiger said...

Ova P. Tinsels - I need to write a novel with a character named "Ova P. Tinsels."