Wednesday, September 21, 2005

San Diego Chairblogging

In meetings pretty much all day today; feel completely alienated from what's going on in the world today. So, having nothing constructive to say, I offer you... Chairs! Nature's butt-rests!

Chair/bench thingy at Bazaar Del Mundo.

It's green! Green, I say!

Me... and my sha-a-a-dow... Posted by Picasa


oldwhitelady said...

Nice photos!

Hey Eli, You've been selected to participate in this fun meme. If you've already done so, please ignore. If you don't have time, please also ignore.

Anonymous said...

good pix. Relating meetings to chairs, if that was the way your mind was improve your quality of life - have no more meetings with chairs. Remove the offending *fing* things from the room. The meetings will last less than half the time, brains will function better (limited brain potential in some businesses may not provide much room for improvement - you be the judge).

This is proven. But corporate slogs seems to like the life-sapping drudgery of continuing to sit in meetings for hours accomplishing what - squat? Ugh.

Take charge, do everyone a favor. Kill corporate entropy.

watertiger said...

Dude! Sell these to GWPDA!

They're beauts!

ntodd said...

That green one especially rocks.