Thursday, September 29, 2005

Fun News Day

Okay, so Roberts getting confirmed/sworn in sucks, but there were some awfully juicy tidbits out there:
  • University of Maryland poll suggests that about 70% of the population isn't buying "Spreading Democracy" as sufficient grounds for war.
  • Piece-of-meat-with-eyes Doug Feith's creature, Larry Franklin, is going to plead guilty to leaking classified information to Israel.
  • Not exactly news, but I think there are a whole bunch of "Tom DeLay Will Bring The Crooked Republicans Down" columns and articles out there like this one and this one.
Ha! The wages of sin is, well, public embarrassment followed by a cushy lobbying job.

Baby steps, people. Baby steps. Much as I want to see just about the entire Republican party in jail, I am more than willing to settle for them letting go of the wheel. I just wish I had a little more faith in the Democrats' willingness to grab it. I know, it's awfully close to the cliff and they don't want to take the blame, but they're in the car too.


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anonymous has such a lovely ...

i was going to say we're in it too.