Friday, September 29, 2006


Don't look at me, I just report it.
Earlier this month, Himawari Dairy began selling space yogurt, which is made using two types of lactic acid bacteria that spent 10 days in space aboard a Russian Soyuz rocket last spring. The yogurt, called Uchu O Tabi Shita Yogurt (literally: “yogurt that travelled in space”), is now available in Shikoku’s four prefectures. The space yogurt follows Tosa Space Sake, which hit shelves last spring, as the second space-related product created to stimulate business in Kochi prefecture.


According to Himawari Dairy President Bunjiro Yoshizawa, about half of the bacteria died in the agar medium due to the harsh environment inside the rocket. The strong, surviving bacteria gives the space yogurt a more full-bodied flavor compared to yogurt made with standard earthbound bacteria.
My regular earth yogurt seems so puny and unevolved now. Maybe I should start exposing it to harsh environments to whip it into shape.

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Sanjay said...

hehe.. One way would be to see how many bacteria survive the hot air emanating from BushCo. C'mon that's a hostile environment now innit?