Sunday, September 17, 2006

Don't Think Of A Painted Elephant.



A LIVE Asian elephant, painted in pink and gold, stands in a makeshift living room. Giant cockroaches swarm over copies of Paris Hilton's pop CD. A dummy angel wearing a gas mask and a white parachute flaps in the blue skies.

Even in free-wheeling Los Angeles, they'd never seen anything quite like this.

British graffiti artist and prankster Banksy has opened his first Los Angeles show in an obscure warehouse in industrial downtown, bringing his subversive humour and anti-capitalist message to a city better known for wealth and self-obsession.


Tai, 38, looms large in a room decked out with a sofa, a television, rugs on the floor and a man and woman sitting reading obliviously on the couch. It is titled Home Sweet Home.

"We are sitting on the couch not seeing her. From what I understand, the elephant is a symbol of all the world's problems being ignored," said Kari Johnson, Tai's caretaker. Mr Johnson said Tai lives on a private southern California elephant ranch and has appeared in several commercials. "The paint is non-toxic and washable and does not hurt a bit," he said.

Banksy, as is his custom, was not around to discuss his show.

It was not known whether Hilton would be visiting the show, which according to local media reports, has been seen by Hollywood celebrities.

Alrighty then. I don't really have anything to add to this...

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oldwhitelady said...

Uh-yeah, I don't know what could be added, either.

I'm glad the paint is non-toxic, though.