Thursday, September 14, 2006

Happy Burghday To Me!

It just occurred to me today, that as of, um, sometime this week I will have been in Pittsburgh for 15 years.

Wow. Where did all the time go?


spork_incident said...

On the good side, Night of the Living Dead was made here.

So it's not all bad.

(By the way, the word verification is "hidfurff", which makes me giggle for some reason.)


karmic_jay said...

Happy burghiversary?

captain goto said...

Where did all the time go?

Well, time flies when you're being shrill.

And spork gets *all* the fun verification words.


And now, off to the dentist.

Spear and Magic said...

It is not quite yet your 'Burgh day. I can pinpoint it for you, if you're interested.

Hell, I'll pinpoint it for you even if you're not interested.

Your 15th 'Burgh day is Sept 19. How do I know? Because baseball is how a certain type of American male has always measured time and marked the calendar. And I we picked you up from the airport on Sept 19, 1991 and took you to witness this:

Great game, exciting finish. But Curtis Wilkerson can kiss my ass. And Lee Smith? Lee, I've never forgotten the way you let me down that night.

So oyez, oyez, let it henceforth be known to all, Sept. 19th is Eli's Burghiversary.

These walk-off grand slams are still making me thirsty.

Eli said...

Huh. I coulda sworn it was today, actually. But thanks for the correction!